Safari Locations: Kenya

Kenya is one of the most diverse and beautiful wildlife destinations on earth. It is also our home country and the most loved of all our destinations. Widely differing altitudes and terrain across Kenya create contrasting climates that support different plants and animals – so after just a short domestic flight one can seemingly enter a new world entirely different from the last.


Kenya’s most famous wildlife area is the very beautiful Maasai Mara Game Reserve whose teaming plains have captivated the imagination of animal lovers for generations – us not least! The annual arrival of millions of wildebeest in the Mara is a stunning bonanza for predators, and finding a quiet spot on the banks of the Mara River to witness the herds thundering through the water is a must at the right time of year. Other areas are just as spectacular : North Kenya’s semi-desert where mountains rise dramatically straight from the flat plains and game concentrates along slow meandering rivers of sand. Amboseli – where we camp out in stunning acacia woodland and wake to Mount Kilimanjaro and Kenya’s most magnificent elephants. Kenya also has the second tallest mountain in Africa, and a very beautiful coastline.


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